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Dog Friendly | The Cambridge Belfry

There's no need to book a dog sitter whilst you're away...

    Welcome to the Cambridge Belfry! We are excited that you have chosen to spend your time in Cambridge with us. We love extending hospitality to every traveler, especially our four-legged friends.
    To make the most of your stay, we’ve included some friendly reminders about how we accommodate our Guests in the most pet friendly way.

There is a Nature reserved Park which is approximately 10 minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Home Bargains, Just for Pets and Morrison’s shops are situated just outside the hotel

Cromwell vets, 4 High St, Great Cambourne, CB23 6BJ – 01954 715161 – 24hr emergency service - 01480 52222

Nutty About Pets, 175 St. Neots Road, Hardwick, CB23 7QJ – 01954 214530



• Pets are allowed in our two lounges but must remain on a lead. Unfortunately, they are not allowed in the bar and restaurant area.
• No more than 2 pets are permitted per room.
• There is a charge of £20 per pet per night. 
• You will receive a ‘Pet in Room’ card to hang outside the door to notify staff members there is a fluffy guest inside the room.
• Owner of the pet must be present and the pet must be removed or restrained whilst any hotel employee is in the guest room.
• Please make sure pets waste is cleaned up. If you require a doggy bag, please speak to a member of staff at reception.
• The guest accepts full responsibility for and protects Hilton, the Brand and the hotel from liability arising from the pet.

We welcome dogs at the Cambridge Belfry, although we do ask that they are well-behaved throughout your stay. Owners are asked to control any noise made by their dog to ensure it does not disturb other guests.

We look forward to welcoming you and your furry friend to the Cambridge Belfry.